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Underground dog fence

We at Dog Fence Stars offer a variety of dog fences to help dog lovers protect their dogs from harm and contain them so as to avoid them causing any damages. Underground dog fence is one of the dog fences that we provide. The underground dog fence will be installed by our experts on the part of your home or yard where you do not want your dog to go. The underground dog fence comes with and electronic dog collar that the dog should wear. To learn more about our underground dog fence, call us on 800-245-1736.


Wireless dog fence

The wireless dog fence is one of the dog fences that are increasingly becoming popular amongst most dog owners. This is due to the many advantages of having a wireless dog fence as opposed to the underground dog fence or the traditional fence. Wireless dog fence is inexpensive and you can travel with it. Dog Fence Stars will help you choose the best wireless dog fence for your dog and one that will suit your situation. We have a variety of wireless dog fences from which you can choose from.


Hidden dog fence

Many people tend to think that hidden dog fences are similar to wireless dog fences, this is however not true. Unlike the wireless fence that does not have any physical cables, wires or any electronic device on the restricted area; the hidden fence has wires or an electronic device hidden. Most hidden dog fences are used indoors to restrict the dog from going to certain places in the house. If there are some places in your house where you would want to restrict your dog, Dog Fence Stars can provide you with a high quality hidden dog fence to suit your need.

If you do not get the products that you need at our dealer, call us on 800-245-1736 and we will direct you to another dealer near you.

Traditional dog proof fencing and dog mesh are not enough obstacles to stop the true escaping dog. Dogs are typically digging under or jumping over traditional dog fencing, some even escape by simply pushing through. You need to get a good dog fence that will be effective in constraining your dog. If your dog often digs under the fence or jump over; Dog Fence Stars has the solution to your problem. Call us on 800-245-1736.

Installation and boundary training

Dog Fence Stars offers underground dog fence installation services at a very affordable price. If you are interested in installing an underground dog fence in your yard to contain and restrict your dog, we at Dog Fence Stars will help you achieve that. Wireless dog fence does not require any installation. When you purchase the fence, you can start using it immediately. We also offer boundary training to dogs so that they can be able to respond to the dog fence and adjust to the fence and the set boundaries. Boundary training is done by our qualified and experienced dog behavior experts who ensure that your dog is comfortably able to keep the boundaries. Call us on 800-245-1736 to learn more about boundary training and other services and products that Dog Fence Stars offers.

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